Do you ever wish you had a clear guide for healthy plant-based eating? 

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got your BLUEPRINT!

What can you expect?

The Vegan Blueprint will help you adopt a healthy, delicious and sustainable plant-based diet in just 21 days! The focus is on whole, unprocessed foods (no vegan soy dogs here), and practical solutions for a lifetime of health.

  • Weight Loss
  • Abundant Energy
  • Improved Digestion
  • Kitchen Confidence
  • Better Mood + Sleep
  • Lowered Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer
  • A Happy Belly : )

I was able to explore new options and overcome some of my preconceived notions about vegan eating. Thanks to Jenné, I’m a green smoothie queen these days!

”Beth” ”Author

The Blueprint Includes

  • Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes
  • Easy to Follow Meal Plans
  • Cooking Videos
  • Comprehensive Resource Guides
  • Audio Lessons
  • Private Facebook Group for Members
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I have learned some simple, fabulous tasting recipes, introduced myself to several new products/ produce, and enjoyed a renewed enthusiasm for cooking.  Jenné Claiborne’s ideas and methods are real treasures for health seekers and food lovers!  She has a love for nutritious food that is packed with flavors.  She is a delight to learn from because she shares of herself wholeheartedly, and she has a genuine joy and passion for what she has to offer to others.  Her fun and compassionate personality transforms challenges into changes which are contagious. 

 I am very glad and grateful that I discovered this wonderful person and program.  It has been worth every cent, and some lessons learned have been priceless.  Discover this for yourself!  I promise you will not be disappointed!

”Ina” ”Virgina”

  • This program is for you if...

    - Healthy eating is your priority.

    - You want to have more energy to do the things you love & live the life you desire

    - You know you should be eating more fruits and veggies, but don’t know how to incorporate them into your diet.

    - You want to discover the friends with benefits foods that are right for your unique body.

    - You want to make a vegan lifestyle fit your lifestyle.

    - You’re ready to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

    - You want to prepare delicious meals without having to make a big time commitment.

  • This program is NOT for you if...

    - You’re not ready to make changes.

    - You aren’t interested in adopting healthier habits.

    - You don’t plan to casual fuck follow through with the Blueprint.

    - You’re looking for a “magic pill” to solve  your health issues.

    - You’re not willing to give new foods a try.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering trying a vegan diet as well as anyone newly vegan to participate in Jenne’s program. I was used to going online to find recipes and nutritional tips but Jenné provided me with a wealth of information and resources that made day to day meal planning, shopping and staying on track quite easy. I especially appreciated the recipes and  cooking demonstrations some of which were in video format. When making such a major change in eating habits to a vegan diet it is so much easier when you have a personal coach like Jenné!

”Sheila” ”New

It really started to hit home when Jenné said in one of the videos: it’s not meat that you’re missing per se, it’s the flavor, and I’ve loved discovering and appreciating the breadth
of tasty possibilities. I did not miss meat one bit.
My favorite recipe(s); PEACH CRUMBLE! Lentil and cabbage salad, sauteed kale.

”Chi” ”New


Guilt-free Dessert Guide

I have a serious sweet tooth so I developed these HEALTHY tasty treats. You’ll see that some of these recipes can even double as breakfast : )

Save-me-Sauces Recipe Book

Along with spices, sauces can make the meal.They can turn a simple 2 ingredient dish into a delicious and exciting meal. In this recipe book you’ll find my favorite multi-use sauces.

As a member of the 21-Day Vegan Blueprint you will receive weekly access to…

  • Practical Meal Plans
  • Recipes (All under 10 ingredients. Including Snacks)
  • Cooking Videos (10 total)
  • Resource Guides (ex. The Vegan Cheese Guide)
  • Audio Recordings (learn the ins and outs & health info)
  • Access to our Private Facebook group

Plus these awesome bonuses

  • Save-me-Sauces Recipes
  • Guilt-free Dessert Guide
  • Holiday e-Cookbook

What’s the investment?

Join the Vegan Blueprint and enjoy a healthy and delicious vegan lifestyle for just $77 (a $497 value!)

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s simple. If you’re not happy with the program within 7 days, I’ll give you your money back!